Council off-street car park
Driffield Street, at the end of Hunter Street

-42.07882, 145.555419

Charging Equipment and Fees

Each charger can only take one car at a time, even if it has multiple plugs/connectors
  1. 50kW, CHAdeMo, CCS/SAE,
    Charging Fees: 0 cents/minute + 65 cents/kWh
    Parking Fees: 2 cents/minute included in charging fees. No need to pay for parking while charging.
  2. 22kW, Type 2,
    Charging Fees: 0 cents/minute + 55 cents/kWh
    Parking Fees: 2 cents/minute included in charging fees. No need to pay for parking while charging.
Credit card reader available at this site

Useful things around here


  • Public toilet 16 Little Orr Street, off Sticht Street. Open 24/7 (adjacent to police station) (approximately 200 m)
  • Queenstown station, 8am-4pm seven days (approximately 75 m)
  • A number of food and beverage providers nearby have toilets available for longer hours than the station (75-200m)

Food and Beverage

  • Queenstown Station
  • Six hotels, cafes and takeaways along Orr Street., various hours

Nearby sights and activities

  • ‘Miners Siding’ monument
  • Queenstown station, terminal of the Abt Railway
  • Headley Falls Park, Children’s playground, corner Sticht and Cutten Streets (approximately 240m)

Nearest DC fast charge sites

Derwent Bridge (EHT site)

  • Route: A10 toward Hobart: 85 kM
  • GPS -42.135730, 146.229185
  • Elevation 737m

Burnie, 2 North Terrace, (EHT site)

  • Route: A10/B28/A10/B18 via Tullah and Hampshire to Burnie: 152 km
  • GPS -41.049911, 145.907351
  • Elevation 5m

Accommodation offering overnight charging

We regularly update these entries but check with Plugshare and accommodation providers to ensure information is current. We recommend booking in advance to ensure availability of accommodation and compatible charging plugs.

In the region:

  1. Queenstown Cabin and Tourist Park, 19 Grafton Street, Queenstown 1 km (multiple 15A GPO)
  2. Aldermere Estate Accommodation, 29 Fraser Street, Strahan 42 km (1 x 10A GPO)
  3. Strahan Village Hotel, 45 Esplanade, Strahan 42 km (1 x Tesla)

En route to Burnie:

  1. Tullah Hide Away, 32 Ardyn Street, Tullah 96 km (Type 1 (J1772), Type 2, GPO)
  2. Tullah TimeOut, 20 Read Street, Tullah 97 km (15A GPO)
  3. Bishoff Hotel, 20 Main Street, Waratah 105 km (Type 2 lead + 2 x Tesla)
  4. Cradle Mountain Hotel, 3718 Cradle Mountain Road, Cradle Mountain 110 km (1 x Tesla)
  5. Cradle Mountain Wilderness Village, 3816 Cradle Mountain Road, Cradle Mountain 111 km (22 x 15A GPO + 2 x Tesla)
  6. Discovery Holiday Parks, Cradle Mountain Road, Cradle Mountain 111 km (15A GPO)

En route to Hobart:

  1. Pumphouse Point, 1 Lake St Clair Road, Lake St Clair 92 km (1 x Tesla)
  2. Highland Cabins, 7 Marlborough Highway, Bronte Park 115 km (1 x 10A GPO, 2 x Tesla)