2 North Terrace
Opposite Beach Hotel

-41.049911, 145.907351

Charging Equipment and Fees

Each charger can only take one car at a time, even if it has multiple plugs/connectors
  1. 50kW, CHAdeMo, CCS/SAE,
    Charging Fees: 0 cents/minute + 65 cents/kWh
    Parking Fees: 3 cents/minute included in charging fees. No need to pay for parking while charging.
  2. 22kW, Type 2,
    Charging Fees: 0 cents/minute + 55 cents/kWh
    Parking Fees: 3 cents/minute included in charging fees. No need to pay for parking while charging.
Credit card reader available at this site

Useful things around here


  • Public toilet at Burnie Surf Life Saving Club, Hilder Parade, beach side of building, (approximately 100 m) 7:00 AM to 6:00 PM (Apr-Sep) or 8:00 PM (Oct-Mar)
  • Marine Terrace Multi-storey Carpark, pedestrian entry off Wilmot Street (approximately 300 m) 7:30 AM - 8:30 PM
  • Centro Burnie, 26 Mount Street, (approximately 400 m) 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM (Sat-Wed) or 9:00 PM (Thu-Fri)

Food and Beverage

  • Wide range of dine in or take away on the waterfront and throughout central Burnie, wide range of opening hours
  • MacDonalds open 24 hours, 700 m south, off Wilson Street

Nearby sights and activities

  • Walk on the beach or take an extended walk along the waterfront
  • Basalt columns, 150 m east toward the port on the south side of the road. The back of the DC charger tells you all about it.
  • Burnie Makers Workshop, 700 m west along North Terrace, 9:00 AM-3:00 PM weekdays
  • Little Penguin Observation Centre, Parsonage Point, 800 m west on the waterfront; penguin viewing at night
  • Burnie Regional Art Gallery, 77-79 Wilmot Street, limited hours

Nearest DC fast charge sites

Queenstown 1 Driffield Street (EHT site)

  • Route: B18/A10/B28/A10 via Hampshire and Tullah to Queenstown 152 km
  • GPS: -42.078824, 145.555389
  • Elevation 129 m

Multistorey CBD carpark, Fenton Way, Devopnport (EHT site)

  • Route: A1 east, enter Devonport via Formby Rd and Best Street 49 km
  • GPS: -41.177672, 146.360067
  • Elevation: 10 m

Accommodation offering overnight charging

We regularly update these entries but check with Plugshare and accommodation providers to ensure information is current. We recommend booking in advance to ensure availability of accommodation and compatible charging plugs.

In the region:

  1. On The Beach Cottage, 38 Sice Avenue, Heybridge 9 km, (1 x Tesla 6kW and GPO)
  2. Beach Retreat Tourist Park, 30b Old Bass Highway, Wynyard, 17 km, (15A GPO caravan site socket)
  3. The Waterfront Motel, 1 Goldie Street, Wynyard, 17 km (2 x Tesla 22 kW)

En route to Queenstown:

  1. Bishoff Hotel, 20 Main Street, Waratah 63 km (Type 2 socket 7 kW, 2 x Tesla 3 phase/6A 4kW)
  2. Tullah Hide Away, 32 Ardyn Street, Tullah 96 km (Type 1 (J1772), Type 2, GPO)
  3. Tullah TimeOut, 20 Read Street, Tullah 97 km (15A GPO)