Payment and Pricing

There are three ways to pay:

  1. Credit Card (Visa, Mastercard, AMEX) - available from around October 2020
  2. Account with RFID swipe card (ideal for fleets or commercial users). Contact us to apply.
  3. Chargefox app. The app can be downloaded from

Pricing at all sites is a combination of electricity used and time connected. Prices are displayed on the charger.

  • The energy charge pays for electricity used: Currently 25 cents/kWh.
  • The time charge ‘rents’ the equipment: Currently 25 cents/minute for the DC fast charger and 3 cents/minute for the AC charger. If you have started a session the time charge applies, even if your car has stopped charging if you have not stopped the session (and returned the charge plug to the holder for DC chargers).
  • Parking fees. Parking fees at Devonport are paid on exit from the car park.
    At the following 'pay and display' sites the Council parking fee is included while charging. You will not get a parking fine while actively charging:
    • Burnie: 3 cents/minute
    • Queenstown: 2 cents/minute

If you are parked in a designated EV charging bay but not plugged in, or if you are plugged in but your charge session is not active, the Council parking enforcement officer may fine you for:

  • blocking the site, or
  • not paying for parking, or
  • both.

The Council receives all revenue from infringement notices paid.