St Helens

Bowen Street (opposite no 1)
rear of Supa IGA store
St Helens

-41.323062, 148.248267

Charging Equipment and Fees

Each charger can only take one car at a time, even if it has multiple plugs/connectors
  1. 50kW, CHAdeMo, CCS/SAE,
    Charging Fees: 0 cents/minute + 65 cents/kWh
    Parking Fees: no parking fees
  2. 22kW, Type 2,
    Charging Fees: 0 cents/minute + 55 cents/kWh
    Parking Fees: no parking fees
Credit card reader available at this site

Useful things around here


  • Memorial Park (across shopping centre car park near RSL) open daylight hours (approximately 120 m)
  • Banjo's Bakery, 33 Cecilia Street, (approximately 160 m), 6:00 AM - 6:00 PM
  • St Helens Visitor Centre, 10 Cecilia Street, (approximately 450 m), daylight hours
  • St Helens Wharf, 34 Georges Bay Road Esplanade, (approximately 600 m), 24 hours

Food and beverage

A variety of dine in and take away cafes and restaurants within 400 m mostly along Cecilia Street but some hidden nooks too.

Opening hours vary but start from 6:00 AM and some are open until 8:00 or 9:00 PM

Nearby sights and activities

  • Take a walk along the waterfront, check out the wharf and the cosmic egg time capsule at the north end of Percy Steel reserve.
  • The St Helens History Room, 61 Cecilia Street, displays over 1000 artefacts presentingĀ the stages of settlementĀ at St Helens, supported by a collection of 20,000 photos. Open 7 days, 9:00 AM - 3:00 PM (admission fee $5 or less)
  • Explore Cecilia Street with galleries, shops and a visitor information centre all nearby.

Nearest DC fast charge sites

Scottsdale, Art Gallery Cafe, 42 King Street

  • Route: A3 via Weldborough 99 km (alternative routes available)
  • GPS -41.162163, 147.514596
  • Elevation 198 m

Campbell Town, 3 Commonwealth Lane (EVie Network)

  • Route: A3/A4/A1 via St Marys, Fingal 120 km
  • GPS -41.929298, 147.494499
  • Elevation 209 m

Swansea, 1 Noyes Street (EHT)

  • Route: A3 south toward Hobart: 119 km
  • GPS -42.123742, 148.075186
  • Elevation 10 m

Accommodation offering overnight charging

We regularly update these entries but check with Plugshare and accommodation providers to ensure information is current. We recommend booking in advance to ensure availability of accommodation and compatible charging plugs.

In the region:

  1. Bay of Fires Bush Retreat, 795 Reids Road, Binalong Bay, 9 km (1 x 15A GPO, 1 x 3 phase 32A socket)

En route to Scottsdale:

  1. Tin Dragon Cottages, 3 Coxs Lane, Branxholm, 74 km (1 x Tesla 6kW, 1 x Type 2 socket 3 ph 32A (cable can be supplied))

Campbell Town:

  1. Ivy on Glenelg, 9 Glenelg Street, Campbell Town, 120 km (1 x 10A GPO)

En route south, along east coast:

  1. East Coast Holiday Park, 4 Champ Street, Bicheno, 76 km (15A and 10A GPO on powered sites and selected cabins)
  2. Bicheno Cabin Park, 30 Tasman Highway, Bicheno, 77 km (10A outlets for guests in cabins)
  3. Saffire-Freycinet, 2352 Coles Bay Road, Coles Bay, 111 km (1 x Tesla 22 kW, 1 x Type 2, 11 kW)
  4. Freycinet Lodge, Freycinet National Park, Coles Bay, 116 km (1 x Tesla 22 kW)
  5. Meredith House, 15 Noyes Street, Swansea, 119 km (1 x 10A GPO)
  6. Swansea Holiday Park, 2 Bridge Street, Swansea, 120 km (15A GPOs for cabins and powered sites)